Preparing Cities for Climate Change:
An International Assessment of Urban Adaptation Planning

Case Studies
Bellagio Meeting

Quito, Ecuador. Image: Isabelle Anguelovski


An international survey was initiated in April 2011 and concluded in May.

The survey examines why some communities are initiating climate adaptation activities, the types of successes they have achieved, the challenges they are encountering, and the resources and support they need in their work

The survey was conducted in partnership with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and was sent to all ICLEI member communities. Overall, the response rate for the survey was 44%, with a 39% rate of survey completion.

The results of the survey offer the first and most comprehensive overview of adaptation activities taking place in municipalities around the world. This informatio nprovides insight into the nature of adaptation activities and establishes an empirical basis for understanding what local governments are achieving and what types of resources they need to adapt their cities.

The results of the survey were featured in a keynote address and launching of the summary report, Progress and Challenges in Urban Climate Adaptation Planning: Results of a Global Survey, at the ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress held in Bonn, Germany in May 2012. Reports and papers are being posted on the results section of this website as they are available.