Engin Durgun

Post-doctoral Research Scholar

Contact Information:

email: edurgun@mit.edu
phone: 617-452-3120
Room: 13-4080


M.Sc and Ph.D (2001-2007): Physics, Bilkent University, Turkey

Post-Doc (2007-2009): Physics, Universite de Liege, Belgium

Research Interests:

Ferroelectricity in nanoscale: However the ferroelectric properties are well-known in bulk materials, the full understanding is missing for reduced dimensions. In this respect we studied the ferroelectric

properties in nanoscale using full atomistic approach.  We demonstrate the existence in the interior of sufficiently large dots of polarization vortices giving rise to a net and reversible toroidal moment of polarization.

Silicon and compound nanowires: Structural, electronic and magnetic properties (spintronics and half-metallicity) are analyzed. Transition metal and III-V doping, quantum-well patterns and band gap correction (also defect levels) using hybrid functionals are studied.

Energy conversion and Storage: Solar cells, solar fuels and hydrogen storage.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139-4307