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Questions about specific projects and papers: We'd love to chat! If this is a project for which I'm a senior advisor, please make sure to include the other authors in any correspondence.

Graduate admissions: I am planning to admit graduate students for the 2024 academic year. Apply through the graduate admissions portal in the fall. Please read my advising statement if you're considering applying, and look at the group website for a sense of what we're working on. If you're based in the US, you should also check out the Graduate Application Assistance Program, which several of my students participate in. We receive a very large number of applications, so I unfortunately can't respond to individual emails about admissions. But we give every application submitted to the portal our careful attention!

Postdocs: We are not conducting a formal postdoc search this year, but we're always interested in talking to people working in related areas, and can sometimes arrange funding on an ad-hoc basis if there's a good research fit.

Internships: MIT students should email me directly about UROP recruiting. If you're at another undergraduate institution in the US, you should apply to the MIT Summer Research Program in December / January. Outside these two programs, we do not have any openings for visiting researchers, even with independent funding (and I can't respond to individual emails about visitor positions). High school students should apply to PRIMES.

Press and interviews: If you're interested in talking about a specific paper from our group, or looking for a comment on a colleague's paper, I'd love to talk—please email me directly (you're most likely to be successful with at least a few day's notice). I'm not available for general language model explainers or comments on the state of artificial intelligence research. Media inquiries related to project CETI should be directed to David Gruber (

Industry consulting and advising: I am not currently available for paid or unpaid consulting for startups, product pitches, etc.

My email address is