Template Issues Updates

$LocalDateChanged: 2006/07/18 EDT$

The internal documentation in your copy of the Template should cover most issues. Those covered here are mostly ones that arose with a version after it was released; some long-standing matters, especially Athena-based or tool-based ones, may also be covered.

Versions earlier than the earliest one that we think is still alive (being used by someone) will not be considered here.

New material (issues or treatments) on this page will often be announced to template-gms@mit.edu, to which you can add yourself at the Athena prompt with

blanche template-gms -a $USER
(-d to get off) or from off Athena by sending mail to template-dev@mit.edu. Announcements are cc'd to the GM lists for games that have told template-dev they're using the Template. If you're not in either category, you ain't getting the announcements. Current reported Template users are: If the version you're using isn't on that list, it may be desupported at any time once it's no longer the current version.


When a patchfile exists for a problem, it will be distributed from ~jemorris/Template/patches/. Please see the README there for how to apply the patches you need.

The published Template is usually updated for each patch just before the patch is released as a patchfile, so you usually only need to apply patches yourself that come out after you get your copy. However, the published Template is not necessarily updated with small, non-critical patches, to keep the number of versions finite. Check your html/version.html for the exact version specification and check below for mention of patches relevant to it, even when grabbing the latest version, if you want to be sure of having these tweaks.

Standing Issues

Issues Believed Still Active (i.e. for modern versions on modern Athena)

Recent entries are topmost.

Issues Believed Inactive (at least for modern versions on modern Athena)

Version-Specific Issues

Newer versions are topmost; v1.6.0 is the current release.

Please note lack of a feature is not a bug, even if it's a feature you really want. So while user feedback does drive the Template to-do list, not everything that's on the to-do list appears here while it's pending.

When there are patch releases, the list of "issues that were in this version" (but are fixed in the subsequent patch) will often include improvements that aren't true issue solns (which hadn't been listed here as issues) so that people musing over whether to take the patch will have the extra information. But see the html/version.html of the later version if you want more changelogs.

Version 1.6.0

Only the standing issues are known to affect the latest release.

Version 1.5d