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Each patch should make it clear what release it is for and what release it
goes to; in general they'll only be there for one step at a time, e.g.
  patch-1.0-to-1.0a and patch-1.0a-to-1.0b and patch-1.0b-to-1.0c
and only sometimes will there also be a patch-1.0-to-1.0c as there's
little to be gained by it.

Taking a backup snapshot of your game before applying patches or otherwise
fiddling wholesale with important things is *always* a good idea!

Having cd'd to your top-level dir of template stuff (where LaTeX/ etc live),
	patch -E -p1 < path/to/patches/patch-being-applied [2nd patch] [etc]
	patch -E -p1 < ~jemorris/Template/patches/patch-{1.0a-to-1.0b,1.0b-to-1.0c}
would apply the a-to-b and then the b-to-c patches, *order*being*important*,
to turn your 1.0a into 1.0c (if you had 1.0 or 1.0b, you'd use a different
set of patches; don't skip or duplicate).

See the patch manpage for details on what it's doing.

Hopefully it tells you a bunch of stuff about hunks being successfully
applied.  If it complains and/or you get .rej files, it didn't quite work.
That probably means you have game-specific edits you made to some of 
the files being patched so that patch can't tell quite how to make its changes.
Look at the .rej files, and/or at the complete files mentioned below, and
you can probably figure it out.  If not, you can ask template-dev for help,
but please avoid giving us secret game information (we wanna play).
Note that if you have gotten into a seriously broken state after failing to
take a backup beforehand that you could restore to, we will laugh mockingly.

In many cases complete patched files will appear here, and you can snarf
those directly (which won't update your version.html, of course).
Often it is appropriate to browse the published Template tree(s) for the
relevant files; diffing before you grab is a good idea.