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This is the latest public release of the Template.

To get your own copy, cd into /mit/assassin/games/MyGame (or wherever) and
	tar xvf ~jemorris/Template/template.tar
there.  You will then have your own Template tree to customize.

(Everything will be in a newly-created Template dir; you may wish to
	mv Template/* .
	rmdir Template
to have it directly in MyGame.)

If you just want to look something up in the base Template, 
there's an untarred tree here as well.

Please see 
for information on the Template, associated mailing lists and zephyr
class, contact information, etc.  (Especially see version.html for
changes if you've used the Template before.)

As much as possible of the Template's documentation is internal to
the package.  The issues.html page here is the *external* documentation,
to deal with matters that come up after a release.