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Department of Chemical Engineering
Jensen Research Group
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  - Nanomaterials

Klavs F. Jensen, Warren K. Lewis Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Klavs F. Jensen,
Warren K. Lewis Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
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Our research focuses on understanding and controlling the interaction of reaction and transport processes in the realization and testing of functional micro- and nano-structured materials and devices for chemical, biological, optical, electronic and energy applications.

For these applications, we are exploring a wide range of microfabricated systems with particular emphasis on systems for which microfabrication provides unique process advantages. We use physically based, detailed simulations of reactive systems, specifically simulation across multiple length and time scales, to complement experimental studies and gain new insight into the underlying basic physical and chemical rate processes.

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 Recent Publications




"Flow chemistry-Microreaction technology comes of age,” AIChE J.

"Facile soft-templated synthesis of high-surface area and highly porous carbon nitrides,” Chem Mater

- Automated flow peptidesynthesis: toward amide bonds at Nature’s pace,” Nature Chemical Biology
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