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Jensen Research Group

Current Members


Seung-Kon Lee
Post Doctoral Associate


Department of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Building 66-513
Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

Phone: (617) 253-6546
Fax: (617) 258-8992


M. S. and Ph. D. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (2009)
KAIST, Daejeon, Korea

B. S. Chemical Engineering (2003)
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Research Summary:

I am interested in the self-assembly of binary colloidal particles and the creation of photonic quasi-crystals in microfluidic system.

Research Publications:

Tae Jung Park, Seung-Kon Lee, Seung Min Yoo, Seung-Man Yang, and Sang Yup Lee. "Development of reflective biosensor using fabrication of functionalized photonic nanocrystals", J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol., Accepted for Publication (2010)

Shin-Hyun Kim, Jong-Min Lim, Seung-Kon Lee, Chul-Joon Heo and Seung-Man Yang, “Biofunctional Colloids and Their Assemblies,” Soft Matter, Accepted for Publication (2010)– Invited Feature Article

Sung-Gyu Park, Jun Hynk Moon, Seung-Kon Lee, Jaewon Shim, Seung-Man Yang, “Bioinspired Holographically-Featured Superhydrophobic and Supersticky Nanostructured Materials,” Langmuir 26, 1468-1472 (2010)

Jae-Hoon Choi, Seung-Kon Lee, Jong-Min Lim, Seung-Man Yang, Gi-Ra Yi “Pneumatic Valve Actuators for Controlled Droplet Breakup and Generation” Lab on a Chip 10, 456-461  (2010)

Sung-Gyu Park, Seung-Kon Lee, Jun Hyuk Moon, and Seung-Man Yang, “Holographic fabrication of three-dimensional nanostructures for microfluidic passive mixing,” Lab on a Chip, 9, 3144-3150 (2009)

Seung-Kon Lee, Hyo Sung Park, Gi-Ra Yi, Jun Hyuk Moon and Seung-Man Yang, “Holographic Fabrication of Microstructures with Internal Nanopatterns Using Microprism Arrays,” Angew Chemie Int. Ed., 48, 700-7005 (2009) - Frontispiece paper

Se-Heon Kim, Jae-Hoon Choi, Seung-Kon Lee, Shin-Hyun Kim, Seung-Man Yang, Yong-Hee Lee, Christian Seassal, Philippe Regrency, and Pierre Viktorovitch, “Optofluidic integration of a photonic crystal nanolaser,” Optics Express, 16, 6515-6527 (2008) - Selected as a research highlight from Lab on a Chip

Ji-Hwan Kang, Jun Hyuk Moon, Seung-Kon Lee, Sung-Gyu Park, Se Gyu Jang, Shu Yang and Seung-Man Yang, “Thermo-responsive Hydrogel Photonic Crystals by Three-dimensional Holographic Lithography,” Advanced Materials, 20, 3061-3065 (2008)

Seung-Kon Lee, Sung-Gyu Park, Jun Hyuk Moon and Seung-Man Yang, “Holographic Fabrication of Photonic Nanostructures for Optofluidic Integration,” Lab on a Chip, 8, 388-391 (2008) - Front Cover Page & The 10 Most Accessed Articles in March, 2008

Seung-Kon Lee, Shin-Hyun Kim, Ji-Hwan Kang, Sung-Gyu Park, Won-Jong Jung, Se-Hoon Kim, Gi-Ra Yi and Seung-Man Yang, “Optofluidics Technology Based on Colloids and their Assemblies,” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 4, 1-2, 129-144 (2008.1) – Invited Review Paper

Seung-Kon Lee, Gi-Ra Yi and Seung-Man Yang, “Rapid formation of colloidal crystal patterns in soft-microfluidic chips” Lab on a chip 6, 1171-1177 (2006) – Highlighted in the article ‘Focused on Korea’ from Lab on a Chip

Seung-Kon Lee, Gi-Ra Yi, Jun Hyuk Moon, David J. Pine and Seung-Man Yang, “Pixellated Photonic Crystal Films by Selective Photo-polymerization” Advanced Materials 18, 2111-2116 (2006)

Jun Hyuk Moon, Alex Small, Gi-Ra Yi, Seung-Kon Lee, Won-Seok Chang, David J. Pine, and Seung-Man Yang, “Patterned polymer photonic crystals using soft-lithography and holographic lithography” Synthetic Metals, 148, 99-102 (2005)

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