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Recent Publications (2015)

I.R. Baxendale, R.D. Braatz, B.K Hodnett, K.F. Jensen, M.D Johnson, P. Sharratt, J.-P. Sherlock, A.J. Florence, “Achieving continuous manufacturing: Technologies and approaches for synthesis, workup, and isolation of drug substance,” J. Pharm. Sci., 104 (3) 781-791 (2015).

S.G. Newman, K. Lee, J. Cai, L. Yang, W.H. Green, and K.F. Jensen, “Continuous thermal oxidation of alkenes with nitrous oxide in a packed bed reactor,” Ind. Eng. Chem. 54 (16), 4166–4173 (2015).

E.J. O’Neal, C.H. Lee, J. Brathwaite, and K.F. Jensen, “Continuous nanofiltration and recycle of an asymmetric ketone hydrogenation catalyst,” ACS Catal. 5, 2615−2622 (2015). http//

M. Abolhasani, N.C. Bruno and K.F. Jensen, “Oscillatory three-phase flow reactor for studies of bi-phasic catalytic reactions,” Chem. Commun., 51, 8916-8919 (2015). http//

A. Sharei, R. Trifonova, S. Jhunjhunwala, G.C. Hartoularos, A. Eyerman, A. Lytton-Jean, M. Angin, S. Sharma, R. Poceviciute, S. Mao, M. Heimann, S. Liu, T. Talkar, O.F Khan, M. Addo, U.H. von Andrian, D.G. Anderson, R.S. Langer, J. Lieberman, K.F. Jensen, “Ex vivo cytosolic delivery of functional macromolecules to immune cells,” PLoS ONE 10(4): e0118803. (2015). http//

L. Yang, Y. Shi, M. Abolhasani and K.F. Jensen, “Characterization and modeling of multiphase flow in structured microreactors: a post microreactor case study,” Lab Chip, 15, 3232-3241 (2015)

 G.L. Szeto, D.V. Egeren, H. Work, A. Sharei, B. Alejandro, C. Park, K. Frew, M. Brefo, S. Mao, M. Heimann, R..S. Langer, K.F. Jensen, and D.J. Irvine, “Microfluidic squeezing for  intracellular antigen loading in polyclonal B-cells as cellular vaccines,” Scientific Reports,  5:10276 (2015). http//

M.J. Nieves Remacha, L. Yang, and K.F Jensen, “OpenFOAM computational fluid dynamic simulations of two-phase flow and mass transfer in an Advanced-Flow Reactor,” Ind.Eng.Chem.Res. ASAP 2015.  http//

B.J. Reizman and K.F. Jensen, “Simultaneous solvent screening and reaction optimization in microliter slugs,” Chem. Commun., 51, 13290-13293 (2015).

M.J. Nieves Remacha and K.F Jensen, “Mass Transfer Characteristics of Ozonolysis in Microreactors and Advanced-Flow Reactors,” J. Flow Chemistry, ASAP (2015)

L. Xie†, D.K. Harris, M.G. Bawendi, and K. F. Jensen, ”The effect of trace water on the growth of indium phosphide quantum dots,” Chem. Mater.,  ASAP (2015)

M.J. Nieves Remacha, A.A. Kulkarni, and K. F. Jensen, ”OpenFOAM computational fluid dynamic simulations of single phase flows in an Advanced-Flow Reactor,” Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., ASAP (2015)

M. Abolhasani, C.W. Coley, L. Xie, O. Chen, M.G. Bawendi, and K.F. Jensen, ”Oscillatory Microprocessor for Growth and in-situ Characterization of Semiconductor Nanocrystals,” Chem. Mater.,  ASAP (2015)

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