MIT - Chulabhorn Graduate Institute Collaboration
in Applied Biological Sciences


Mission:      Faculty from the MIT Department of Biological Engineering, the Harvard School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and Yale University School of Public Health are bridging with the Chulabhorn Research Institute (CRI), the UN/WHO Center for Excellence in Global Environmental Health, to address some of today's greatest challenges in global health.  Our collective mission is to promote access to information and knowledge and to support creative and critical thinking in order to leverage science to improve the quality of life for people in Thailand, and beyond.    more...

History:    For four decades, researchers at H.R.H. Princess Chulabhorn's Research Institute (CRI) and its precursor programs at Mahidol University have collaborated with faculty and researchers from MIT to apply and develop technology in order to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases, including liver cancer.  Since 2000, two MIT professors, John Essigmann and Ram Sasisekharan, have been voluntarily teaching at the CRI during summers.  In 2004, Prof. Ram Sasisekharan developed a vision for making Thailand more self-reliant through research training and development of a translational enterprise.  Based on this vision, and through the partnership between MIT faculty and the CRI, in 2006 the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI) was launched, forming one of the three pillars of research, teaching, and translation that together form a pipeline to expedite the process of applying knowledge and inventions to health.  more...


Faculty and Staff


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Updated May 23, 2009