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Jiayin Zhang joined MIT Sloan's Ph.D. program in 2008, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the area of Behavioral & Policy Sciences, with concentrations on Economic Sociology and Strategy. Before studying at MIT, Jiayin has earned her B.S. degree in Computer Science and M.A. degree in Sociology in 2005 and 2008, respectively, both at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

Jiayin is a student member of the American Sociological Association and the Academy of Management.

Research interests: Economic Sociology, Strategy, and International Management.

Ph.D. Thesis

Smart Money in Dumb Money: the Gap between Private and Public Beliefs and the Housing Market in China.

Thesis Committee (in alphabetical): Professors Emilio J. Castilla, Yasheng Huang, Ray Eugene Reagans, and Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan (Chair).

Papers Under Review

  1. A Lack of Security or a Lack of Capital? Acculturative Conservatism in Immigrant Naming
    with Ezra Zuckerman and Elena Obukhova
    Under Review, American Sociological Review
  2. Why Was There No Fashion in Mao's China? Effects of Politics on Culture in the Case of Chinese Naming Practices
    with Elena Obukhova and Ezra Zuckerman
    Revise and Resubmit, American Journal of Sociology

Papers Working in Progress

  1. Behavioral Failure or Market Failure? A Survey on Beijing Real Estate Market in the Fall of 2012
  2. The Bearish Investors but the Bullish Market: Why do Investors Fail to Know Others’ Beliefs?
  3. Contexts of the Commerce of Ideas: Institutional Intervention on Scientist Entrepreneurship in Beijing
  4. Incentives and Innovation: The Effects of University Institutional Change on the Production of Knowledge
  5. An Improved Way to Measure the Rate of Fashion Change
    with Elena Obukhova and Ezra Zuckerman


  1. Luo, Jiade, Jing Wang, Jiayin Zhang and Zhaoxia Xie. "The Structure of Social Network Research: The Organizational Theory and Management Research as Examples." Chinese Journal of Sociology, 28(6): 15-38, 2008.
  2. Zhang, Jiayin and Jiade Luo. "Network Dynamics of Cliques Formation." Chinese Journal of Sociology, 27(4): 152-163, 2007.

Honors and Awards

  1. 2012 MIT Center for International Studies Summer Study Grant
  2. 2012-2013 Sarofim Fellowship, MIT Sloan School of Management
  3. 2011-2012 Zannetos Memorial Fellowship, MIT Sloan School of Management
  4. 2011 Invited to MIT 150 Years Convocation, as a fellowship recipient
  5. 2010-2011 M. Wren Gabel Doctoral Fellowship, MIT Sloan School of Management
  6. 2008 Best Graduate Student in Ten Years (10 recipients), Tsinghua University
  7. 2008-2012 Graduate Fellowship, MIT Sloan School of Management
  8. 2008 First Prize, Best Paper Award, Chinese Sociological Association Annual Meeting
  9. 2008-2009 Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  10. 2007-2008 Outstanding Young Researcher, School of Humanities and Social Science, Tsinghua University
  11. 2005 Best Graduate Thesis Nomination, Tsinghua University
  12. 2003-2004 BEA Scholarship for Excellent Academic Performance, Tsinghua University

Full CV is available upon request.



Address: E62-369, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA, 02139

Work phone: 617-253-3940


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