Ira Winder is a
   Research Scientist
   in the Changing
   Places Group
MIT Media Lab.






Resume [pdf]

Creative Stuff [pdf]

jiw at mit dot edu

Guiyang Big Data Expo
CityScope goes to China.


CityScope: Riyadh
CityScope goes to Saudi Arabia.

Future of How Infrastructure is Made: Systems that Serve an Evolving Society
CityScope at Autodesk University in Las Vegas.

Updates from Our Future City
Changing Places Group presents at TEDxBoston.

MIT Researchers Use Legos to Solve Real Life Problems
CityScope on CBS News Boston.

CityScope Demo
A playful technology for Urban Planning using Legos and augmented reality.

Inside the MIT Media Lab
Our work featured in the Financial Times.

MIT Launches Center for Advanced Urbanism
"Lego Cities" project featured as a flagship activity of CAU.

MIT @ Tane
Come visit this amazing village in Japan sometime.

The Energy Proforma
A tool to estimate energy consumption in cities.

Boston Complete Streets Guidelines
Here's some guidelines for streets that I helped design.


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Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab - Cambridge, MA
MIT Commencement (Silly Hat) - Cambridge, MA
Lake Eden Arts Festival - Black Mountain, NC
Riyadh Design Workshop - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Flinders New City Workshop - Brisbane, Australia
Dubai Innovation Workshop - Dubai, UAE
Home - Asheville, North Carolina
Fall Break - New Zealand
Flinders New City Workshop - Brisbane, Australia
tEp Retreat - Camelot, New Hampshire
Joined MIT Media Lab's CityScience Initiative as Project Manager Graduation!
Tane and 3.11 Initiative - Shiga Prefecture, Japan
DUSP Retreat - Northport, Maine
Dawn Dance - Brattleboro, Vermont
Lake Eden Arts Festival - Black Mountain, NC
Sponsor Visits/Spring Break - Tokyo, Japan
New Year's - San Fransisco, California
Home - Asheville, North Carolina
Fuxing Workshop - Shanghai, China
Tane and 3.11 Initiative - Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Post-Tsunami Japan Workshop - Sendai, Japan
Digital City Design Workshop - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Home - Asheville, North Carolina
Thanksgiving - Lexington, Virginia
Began Master in City Planning @ MIT - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tane and 3.11 Initiative - Shiga Prefecture, Japan
KMDW / SOM Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan
Rally to Restore Sanity - Washington, DC
Consulting for KMDW and MIT - Boston, Massachusetts
MIT-Japan Design Workshop - Kansai, Japan
Beijing Workshop - Beijing, China
Utile, Inc. - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Beijing Workshop (IAP) - Cambridge, Massachusetts
MIT Spring Semester
Home - Asheville, North Carolina
MIT-HKU Exchange - Hong Kong, HK
MIT-Keio Japan Workshop - Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Atelier Zo in Tokyo Intern - Sakurashinmachi, Japan
Home - Asheville, North Carolina
The Veneto Experience - Veneto, Italy