Onteora Orchard - Dexter Cattle; Sphynx, Rex, and Bengal Cats



Onteora Orchard

Lower Orchard

Onteora Orchard is a small homestead nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. For over two decades, Carolyn Winder has maintained an eclectic family of horticulture, livestock, and pets upon a uniquely dynamic four acre site skirting the city limits of Asheville.

The orchard now contains numerous varieties of apple trees, and a sampling of cherry, pear, fig, blueberry, gooseberry, blackberry, raspberry, and grape plants. The land currently supports a small herd of registered Dexter cattle, and a chicken coop of New Hampshire Reds with a genetic line older than some of Carolyn's children. Within the home, Carolyn is working to domesticate interesting breeds of Bengal, Rex, and Sphynx cats. In the past, the homestead has supported wild turkeys, geese, ducks, guineas, and even honey bees.


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