Assistant Professor,
Strategy and Organization,

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Research Affiliate,
Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Postal: Bronfman, Room 405
1001 Sherbrooke West,
Montreal QC H3A 1G5, Canada

+1-514-398-4033 e-mail: jjrs 'at'


Research Interest

Why do technologically efficacious and economically feasible technologies fail? Answers to this question are important to firms and policy makers accross industries. Jeroen's research focuses on understanding factors and their interactions that contribute to the formation of selfsustaining markets for complex technologies. Jeroen has a particular interest in the phenomenon of alternative energy technologies. Currently he studies alternative fuel vehicles, examining the coevolution of infrastructure, vehicle technology, consumer behavior and institutions. Jeroen uses multiple methods, including dynamic modeling and case studies of successful and failed diffusion.

Keywords: decision making, industry dynamics, socio-technical system change, path dependency, co-evolution, simulation, system dynamics, energy technologies, alternative propulsion vehicles,.



Jeroen received a doctorate in management from the Sloan school, MIT in 2006 and a graduate degree in physics from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands in 1996. Prior to his PhD he worked as a management consultant with Accenture where he specialized in organizational process improvement, re-design and process simulation. download CV


Current working papers and research

Coevolving Technologies: Critical Dynamics in Industry Transformation (abstract)

To Flounder or to Flourish: Exploring Fragility in Alternative Fuel Vehicle Market Formation (abstract/paper)

Identifying challenges for sustained adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure (abstract/paper)

Research Project: Market Transitions for Alternative Energy in Transportation (webpage ; Recent workshop)



Struben, Jeroen JR. and Sterman, John (2008), "Transition Challenges for Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Transportation Systems". Environment and Planning B (details)

Otto P, J Struben (2004). "Gloucester fishery: insights from a group modeling intervention." System Dynamics Review 20 (4): 287-312

Nazarov YV, JJR Struben (1996). "Universal excess noise in resonant tunneling via strongly localized states". Physical Review B 53 (23): 15466-15468


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