My name is João Luiz Almeida de Souza Ramos and I'm a Ph.D. Candidate at the Mechanical Department (MechE) and a Research Assistant at the Biomimetic Robotics Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

I received my B.Sc. (2010) and M.Sc. (2013) in Mechanical Engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (PUC-Rio), and spent six months as an exchange student at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, Italy (2009/2010).

About me

I'm simply amazed by the art inherent to robotic systems; to design and build clever mechanisms and to exploit its dynamics in order to develop elegant control strategies to drive them!
During my undergrad experience I was involved in several projects and was a member of PUC-Rio's robotics team, Team RioBotz, that designs and builds robots for national and international competitions on several categories. My M.Sc. research focused on the development, construction and control of an Active Upper Limb Exoskeleton using surface electromyographic signals (sEMG) for human amplification.
My current research interests include robotics, system dynamics, controls and machine design.