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Reactor Operator


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VP Research


Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

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$15.91 - $25.78
*Starting salary typically occurs within the first half of the salary range and will be commensurate with applicant experience.
If salary range reads $0 - $0, this indicates that the position is either research related and salary is dependent on funding and applicant experience, or is located at Endicott House (MIT's Conference Center).

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REACTOR OPERATOR, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, to handle reactor startups, routine procedures, control room coverage, shutdown operations, sample irradiations and packaging, decontamination, testing and calibration of equipment, and other assignments related to reactor operations. Will work in areas containing radioactive material and will be required to adhere to all radiation protection measures and exercise sound judgment as directed by the Radiation Protection Office. Will also participate in the annual requalification program for licensed personnel at the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory. REQUIREMENTS: two years of technical college education or its equivalent, a strong background in physics and chemistry, and at least one year of additional experience working with nuclear reactors. Must be responsible, punctual, work well in a team environment, have the ability to think and work independently, be 18 years of age or older, and have a strong motivation for advancement to senior levels. Will be required to work 40+ hours a week on day, evening, or night shifts including some weekends. 02-0056GD




Reactor Operator 02-0000056

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MIT is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer.

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