Kinematic Coupling

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This is a kinematic coupling designed for the class 2.750. The point of a kinematic coupling is that it constrains one object completely in relationship to a different one in all six degrees of freedom, with only the minimum required forces. This makes its positioning highly repeatable and, if designed right, very strong. This is a stand for my camera tripod that uses the traditional three V grooves and three balls. Almost all of the pieces were made on a water-jet (My favorite tool) and press-fit or bolted together.

This shows the whole ensemble, complete with the camera that it is designed to hold.

This shows the base of the coupling, representing some of the principles of my design philosophy, including simplicity, and symmetry.

This shows a different view of the coupling in action. The actual tripod part visible in the picture is the beginning of a different project to make a robotic tripod that use hiking-poles as the legs in order to go hiking with me and take time-lapse videos with panning and tilting.

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