Eric Jonas
Graduate Student, MIT Nerd

I am currently a PhD student in MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences in the laboratory of Matt Wilson. My anticipated date of graduation is early Spring, 2011. My research interests include:

My academic background is mostly in what we at MIT call "course six" -- electrical engineering and computer science. I've studied signal processing, probabilistic systems, electronic circuit design, computer architecture, and software engineering, with some neurobiology and physics thrown in.

I spend my "spare-time" cofounding startups, hacking on open-source projects, and trying to learn as much physics as possible.

This page was originally written right before I began grad school and the six-year-old version was producing more questions than answers. This is an updated placeholder. E-mail me for additional information about my plans or to request a CV. Update These days I spent most of my time in San Francisco, CA trying to bring Bayes to the masses