Orans Band Photo

Orans is a band whose origins began some years ago when Julie (guitar) and Ramona (drums) met at a Moving Targets show in Boston and decided to start a project tentatively called Kicking And Screaming. Tentative was as far as the project ever got however, as the rigors of finding a suitable bass player and overcoming stage fright caused them both to seek more established and populated bands. Ramona played with New Parts From Old, and Julie joined Fertile Virgin. Reunited for a four year stint with the band Twig, they now find themselves back at the beginning, still without a bass player but lacking the paralyzing self consciousness of youth. They are accompanied in this venture by Jerry Kyn, borrowed from the band Toe Tag, who furnishes sonic guitar sounds. The rest of their story is yet to happen because, as of this writing, they are still a very new band. They have a single out on Harriet records with hopefully more to come.

Listen to "Paper" by Orans: Real Audio or MP3