Career Profile

An Industrial Engineering Ph.D. with a background in Human Factors and driving safety. Significant experience in processing and statistical analysis of time course behavioral data based upon visual, physiological, and performance measures in the driving research domain. Proven track record of publishing high quality innovative research in Human Factors and Computer Science literature. Strong ability to collaborate and work on interdisciplinary research projects as well as work independently. Experience in a fast paced research environment, managing multiple competing project demands, and mentoring junior staff and students. For more information, please visit my website.


Research Scientist

2016 November - Present
Battelle, Seattle

Postdoctoral Associate

2014 March - 2016 October
MIT, Cambridge

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SHRP2 IAP Phase 2 - Concept to Countermeasure – Research to Deployment Using the SHRP2 Safety Data (NDS) Influence of Roadway Design Features on Episodic Speeding in Washington State
Advanced Human Factors Evaluator for Automotive Distraction (AHEAD) - Main goal of this project is to create an empirical HMI evaluation system based upon a scientifically valid framework that supports the assessment of demands placed on the driver by multimodal interfaces and other advanced technologies
Utilization of Head-Pose Data for Detecting Driver Distraction - Eye tracking systems can provide drivers’ glance measurements to understand drivers’ glance behavior while driving an automobile. However, direct eye tracking is high-priced with current technologies and is sensitive to a range of artifacts and other limitation that make its use impractical in the near to intermediate term.This project aims to investigate head-pose data as surrogate measurements to estimate drivers’ off-road glances, especially long-duration glances away from the roadway.

Skills & Proficiency

R (programing)

Data visualization (research)

Data analysis (research)

Experimental design (research)

Proposal writing (research)

Matlab (programing)

Java (programing)