IAP Class: Entrepreneurial Strategy for Engineers

Welcome! This is the page of the IAP 2013 class Entreprenurial Strategy for Engineers if you're interested in joining the class, don't forget to sign up through the IAP website. if you're not able to do that, or you're not a registered MIT student, but would still like to attend, just send me an email. The more the better.


The class is scheduled for 2.5 days, Jan 22nd (9-4), Jan 23rd (9-4), and Jan 24th (9-12). If you can't come to the full course please don't sign up and consider coming next year, or email me so I'll let you know when I do a shorter class. Sorry but it's disruptive for the class to have people that haven't been through the discussion join mid-way.


Some of the class topics will be:

  • What's entrepreneurship and how do different high growth industries differ?
  • What's strategy
  • Classic strategy models
  • Dynamic capabilities
  • The adaptability of firms (or lack of it in some cases), and its causes


I am going to be posting the class materials here, nothing's ready yet though. Stay put!


We'll see if I can pull this off, but I'll try to record the two and a half days of class and post them through MITX, Open Course Ware, or even YouTube. I have no idea how to do it yet. Any tips would be very helpful.

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