ES.181A/182A Calculus: ESG Fall 2019/IAP 2020
Dr. Jeremy Orloff

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Class times


Problem sections:

There is a a mandatory one hour problem section once a week.)
This will meet on Fridays and (or possibly Thursdays). The time will be announced soon.
Luke: F 11 or R 4

Office hours

These will be announced soon. See announcements below. Luisa: Tuesday 7-9 PM
Alex: Wednesday 5-7 PM
Ryan: Wednesday 7-9 PM
Jerry: Tuesday 1-3 PM, Wednesday 2-4 PM


Class time: MTR 11:15-12:45
Problem section: Ryan Mansilla: TR 5-6
Office hours: Ryan: W 7-10 PM; Jerry: MTR 12:45-2:45 PM


  1. This site is on vacation. It will be back online in fall 2019.

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Basic class information
IAP calendar
IAP: Basic class information

Matlab quickstart instructions Matlab tutorial 1Matlab tutorial: plotting.
  Accessing the class Matlab directory on Athena
ES.182A midterm (during finals week) Thurs. Dec. 20, 9-12. Our test will be in ESG.
(It will be a 2 hour exam, you can use any portion of the 9-12 time slot.)
MIT final exam schedule)


Class notes
18.02A Supplementary notes and problems

18.01A Supplementary notes and problems

ES.181A Stellar page (We will only use Stellar for the gradebook and for emailing the class.)

ES.182A IAP Stellar page

US wind map. Really cool example of velocity (vector) fields.
World wind map. Also really cool.


Applets page (See the 18.02 applets.)


Practice packets: Algebra    Exponentials and Logs    Trigonometry

Graphs in polar coordinates

Problem sets

ES.182A IAP +Show fall ES.182A psets
+Show fall ES.181A psets

Practice Exams

ES.182A IAP +Show fall ES.182A practice exams
+Show fall ES.181A practice exams

Problem section worksheets

ES.182A IAP +Show fall ES.182A problem section worksheets
+Show fall ES.181A problem section worksheets