ES.181A ESG Class Information, Fall 2017

Instructor: Jeremy Orloff

This is our main page. You should bookmark it. It will contain all the main documents related to the course. We will use our Stellar page for keeping grades and sending email. Each page links to the other.

1. 18.03 Class notes:
These are online at class notes. There is a link to them on the main page.
2. 18.01A Supplementary Notes:
These are online: Online supplementary notes and exercises. There is a link to them on the main page
3. Calculus and Analytic Geometry by Simmons, second edition (same as regular curriculum)
We will leave some copies of the text in our ESG boxes. There is no need to buy a copy since we don't use the book very much.

Admission Requirements:
This is MIT policy and must be strictly enforced. To be in ES.181A you need one of the following:
a 5 on AB test or on the AB subscore of the BC test;
a passing grade on the A-level or IB exams or in a comparable college calculus subject;
a passing grade on Part I of the M.I.T. 18.01 AP test (given R/O week).

ES.181A: four problem-sets. ES.182A: six problem-sets.
The detailed reading assignments will be included in the problem sets.

You are encouraged to work with other students and use other resources on the problem sets . However, all written work must be your own. It is a serious violation of academic integrity to copy an answer without attribution.

ES.181A: one one-hour in-class exam and a two-hour evening final.
Please look at the syllabus and note the day of the final exam. You must plan on being available then.
ES.182A: (first half): one one-hour in-class exam and a two-hour midterm during finals week.

ES.181A: Final grade is given after final exam.
ES.182A (first half): A temporary grade is given at the end of the semester.
Each grade is based on problem sets and exams. Problem sets count 25%, hour exams 25% and the final (midterm) count 50% towards the grade. We will make our grading scale comparable to the mainstream, so the grades will mean the same thing.

After passing ES.181A you will have earned 12 units.
For ES.182A you will get credit only after finishing ES.182A during January or in the first 6 weeks of Spring term. Your ES.182A grade will be an average of the first and second half grades.

For ESG to work properly you need to come to all the scheduled classes including problem sections. If you are unable or unwilling to do this then you should be in the large mainstream lecture class.

Syllabus and Calendar:
This is also posted on the class website.