Ed Tech Links

Some Ed Tech Links

Gallery of Educational Innovation at MIT - OEIT

Nota Bene (NB): A collaborative pdf reading and commenting tool

Simulations from the PhET project at the University of Colorado

Mathlets - a Java applets for math concepts developed here at MIT

Software Tools for Academics and Researchers (STAR) developed here at MIT

AWW - a web whiteboard app that allows sharing of sketches, drawings and other whiteboard work

Scoot and Doodle - another web based collaboration tool

Google Moderator - a tool for collecting audience input

Backchan.nl - a tool developed by the MIT Media Lab for Involving Audiences in Presentations

TodaysMeet - another tool for connecting with your audience in real time

Backchannel Chat - another classroom discussion tool

Nearpod - app that enables interaction/collaboration among iPads

Google Forms - a tool for sending surveys, and/or for soliciting other info from students a/synchronously

Socrative - a classroom response system that uses personal web-enabled devices

Plickers - a classroom response system that uses paper printouts and 1 we-enabled device

PBWorks - an online environment to share files and manage & collaborate on projects.

OneNote - a cloud-based, note-taking environment that enables sharing and collaboration (Microsoft).

EverNote - a cloud-based, note-taking environment that enables sharing and collaboration.

77 Web Resources for Teachers (K-12 focus)

Web 2.0 Applications Guidelines for implementing a range of web 2.0 apps in your courses (K-12 focus)

Netlogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment for simulating natural and social phenomena. You can model occurrences such as predator-prey ecosystems, how living organisms alter/are altered by climate, complex or emergent systems, evolution, civil violence, probability, and many more. Program and simulations can be downloaded for free.

Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions.

Annotation Studio Annotation Studio is a suite of collaborative web-based annotation tools currently under development at MIT.

The Open Video Annotation Project allows users to tag or take notes on a video, make revision study guides that are private or open to the public, share commentaries or engage in threaded discussions about a segment of a video. It is open source.

Inspiration is visualization software that can be used for concept mapping, mind mapping, webbing, outlining, plots & graphs. There is a free trial available, but program must then be purchased.

Fulcrum is a mobile application platform for conducting field research. It is a technology platform for collecting data for mapping, research, and analysis. There is a free trial available, but then a monthly subscription fee is required.

Ed Tech Blogs and Sites

Hack Education blog - Audrey Watters

Learning with 'e's - Steve Wheeler

Over the Counter Data

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

Degree of Freedom - Jonathan Haber

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