Samples of Graduate Student and TA Handbooks

The links below are from a range of academic departments at MIT and across the country. Some of the links are to pdf-versions of Graduate Student Handbooks, others are to on-line listings of Ph.D. program requirements, expectations and deadlines. Please note that a few of the links go to requirements and expectations specifically for TAs, while other pages are intended for graduate students in general but contain subsections with information for TAs in particular. The list is by no means exclusive. It is intended to be a starting point for departments wishing to establish a written set of guidelines and or/procedures for their graduate students. In addition, when developing TA handbooks, departments may wish to consider the Institute-wide Graduate Policies and Procedures from the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.

MIT - Department of Chemistry
MIT - Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
Brown University Department of Geological Sciences
Dartmouth Physics Department
SUNY Stonybrook Computer Science Department