Laptops in the Classroom




A quick Nexis-Lexis search on “laptops + classroom”, produces many articles published within the last 6 months,

(Most of the articles describe disgruntled faculty, but a few report on novel (unclear how effective) uses of laptops and/or other technology in the classroom.)


From the Chronicle of Higher Ed:

The Fight for Classroom Attention: Professor vs. Laptop


Using Technology in Teaching:  We Need to Exercise Healthy Skepticism

Ed Neal, Director of the Teaching and Learning Center at UNC Chapel Hill

June 19, 1998,  p. B4.


From the NY Times:

Professors Vie with Web for Class’s Attention



The following are articles published in a variety of journals.


Exploring Technology-Mediated Learning from a Pedagogical Perspective

Oliver and Herrington

Interactive Learning Environments vol. 11, no. 2, pp111-126


Teaching and Learning as Multimedia Authoring:

The Classroom 2000 Project

Gregory D. Abowd, et al.

Proceedings of the fourth ACM international conference on Multimedia, Boston, MA.


Wireless Laptops in the Classroom (and the Sesame Street Syndrome)

D. Adams

Communications of the ACM, September 2006/Vol. 49, No. 9


Laptops in the Classroom

A.B. Campbell

CS Dept, Clemson University

Using the Web to Enhance and Transform Education

M. Hulme & M. Locasto

Crossroads the (ACM Student Magazine)

(If you want to print this document – use the Word version.


When each one has one: The influences on teaching strategies and student achievement of Using Laptops in the Classroom

D.  Lowther; et al.

Educational Technology, Research and Development; 2003; 51, 3; Education Module

pg. 23.


Enhancing Learning with Laptops in the Classroom

New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Volume 2005, Issue 101

B.E. Weaver & L. B. Nilson

P. Hyden

M. W. Ohland & E.A. Stephan

D.G. Brown


New Technology and the Need to Change the Focus in Engineering Education

Kip P. Nygren

Presented at: the 34th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, October 20 – 23, 2004, Savannah, GA


A Strategic Plan for Ubiquitous Laptop Computing

D.G. Brown, et al.

Communications of the ACM, January 1998/Vol. 41, No. 1


Technology in the Freshman Biology Classroom: Breaking the Dual Learning Curve

M. Windelspecht

The American Biology Teacher, vol 63, no, 2, Feb. 2001