Where can I work outside Maseeh?

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Libraries and Reading rooms

Math Reading room 2-285
Music Library 14E-109
Humanities Library 14S-200
Engineering Library 10-500
Architecture Library 7-238
So many more at http://libraries.mit.edu/about/ or http://libraries.mit.edu/about/map.html or http://libraries.mit.edu/ordering/independent-libs.html.

Upstairs in W-20

Empty Classrooms (bonus - chalkboards!)

Lounges and Cafes on campus

Just past the lobby in building 10
At the tables near Bosworth's in building 7
Stata Center


Killian Courtyard, between buildings 3 and 4
Courtyards near East Campus, between buildings 62 and 64 or near the Green building
Next to the Charles (daytime only!)

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