Here are some photos from a trip to Australia in August 2016, at the end of their winter.

The view from our window.

This is a prime docking spot at the Sydney harbor.

Our first look at the Sydney Opera House.

Fort Denison.

Near the Taronga Zoo Wharf.


Decorative hippo.

Taronga means beautiful view.

Ljudmila and a giraffe photobomb.

The giraffes have the best view of Sydney.

Komodo dragon.

Sleepy koala.

We saw wild turkeys everywhere.

Ljudmila hanging out with kangaroos.


Jason and an emu.

Jason is taller than a kangaroo but slightly shorter than an emu.

We also saw the white ibis everywhere.

Ljudmila in the Taronga Zoo.

Australian pelican.

Ljudmila and a giant koala.

On the ferry to downtown Sydney.

Fort Denison on Pinchgut Island.

Panorama of Sydney's skyline.

Harbour Bridge.

Another view of the Opera House.

Circular Quay Wharf and Railway Station.

View from the Sydney Tower.

Jason in the Sydney Tower Bar.

St Mary's Cathedral.

The Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park.

Partial aerial view of Sydney including the shadow of the Sydney Tower.

Ljudmila and Jason in the 360 view Sydney Tower bar.

Jason in front of the Archibald Fountain near St Mary's Cathedral.

Ljudmila in front of St Mary's Cathedral.

Inside of the Cathedral.

Jason in front of local flora.

Our view of the Harbour Bridge at night.

The Sydney Opera House viewed from the Harbour Bridge.

Walking along the Harbour Bridge comes with a beautiful view.

Sydney wharf and downtown.

Ljudmila enjoying some hot chocolate after our morning walk.

Jason in front of the Sydney Opera House, the most photographed building in Australia.

Views from our ferry ride around the Sydney Harbour.

Interesting building in Chinatown.

Jason and Zhou Zhang in front of the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus.

Ljudmila and Jason at Victoria Park.

The University of Sydney campus.

Totem pole on campus.

The Pool of Reflection and the Anzac Memorial.


The Queen Victoria Building in Romanesque Revival style.

Inside of the Queen Victoria Building.

Stained windows in QVB.

Interesting clock.

Ljudmila in front of a tea and pastries shop.

The Sydney Tower.

Jason and yet another view of the Sydney Opera House.

The Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney was celebrating its 200th anniversary.

Jason next to a papaya tree.

Cockatoos playing on a sculpture.

Spider monkeys enjoying cacao pods.

Jason is dwarfed by these cacti.

Tall cactus.

The tallest cactus in this garden is the Sydney Tower.

Orchids were growing outside in the winter!

Jason in front of a bottle tree.

Life imitating art.

Every morning we had coffee and pastries here compliments to our hotel.

Bondi beach.

Jason and Ljudmila on Bondi beach.

Jason, Ljudmila and Bili on Bondi beach.

Ljudmila being a daredevil on this rock.

Jason, Emo and Bili on a sunny day.

Beautiful sunset.

Swooping bird sign on the ANU campus in Canberra.

Jason at the Shine Dome.

Black swans.

The National Museum of Australia.

The National Library.

Along the Queen Elizabeth Terrace.

Ljudmila with the Parliament House in the background.

Jason with gourds statues.

The Questacon, interactive science and tech museum for kids.

Jason playing on a stone keyboard.

This solid granite ball is easy to spin on water.

Ljudmila in the Reconciliation Place.

Sphere suspended by cables.

Jason amused by a giant statue at the National Gallery of Australia.

Metal gourds.

Art on bark.

Aboriginal art.

Jason surrounded by didgeridoos.

A Calder sculpture.

National Carillon bell tower.

Canberra on a rainy day.

Sometimes looks can be deceiving - this pillow is not soft.

Jason in the palace on a giant Chinese chess board.

Ljudmila dancing with Olaf.

Spring is coming to Canberra.

Enjoying a tasty bevarage.

The Australian War Memorial at night.

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