Here are some photos from our trip to Bulgaria in the summer of 2009.

Stalking storks

Sunflower power

Jason and Ljudmila by the turquoise waterfall.

Ljudmila and Jason by a small cave.

Cascading waterfall.

Ljudmila, Maid of the Cascade.

Full of falls.

Krushene from on high.

Ljudmila climbing to the top of the falls.

Stage of the cascade.

Jason the rock-climber.

Elia and Jason on top of the rock.

The turquoise waterfall.

Sestri Kamenovi.

Jason and Ljudmila posing by the falls.

Jason and Ljudmila hiding in a cave.

A giant dragonfly.

Jason and Ljudmila at the mouth of Devetashka Cave.

Elia and Ljudmila between two chambers of the cave.

Ljudmila and Jason on a hill in the cave.

The trees are trying to climb out of the cave.

Ljudmila and Jason in the Cavern of Secrets.

Ljudmila in front of the cave vents.

Where the cave kisses the sky.

Lovely houses of Lovech.

Elia, Ljudmila and Jason in front of Kolyu Ficheto's covered bridge.

Hisarya Fortress.

A traditional 19th century Lovech house (but the plants aren't that old).

The master bedroom of a wealthy 19th c. house.

The storage room with traditional houseware.

Another traditional house.

A herd of goats.

Cute Cupola.

Jason and Ljudmila in front of Hisarya Fortress.

Separated at birth: Hisarya Fortress and the Alamo!

The sword monument marks the altar where Tsar Ivan Alexander was crowned.

The Covered Bridge was established in 1874.

Pretty mountain flowers on Vitosha.

Jason bundled-up on Vitosha.

Some more pretty mountain flowers.

Ljudmila balances on a log.

A "donkey-prickle" flower.

Jason and Ljudmila after a delicious Vitosha cookout.

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