Here are some photos from Ljudmila's trip to Bulgaria in June of 2018.

Ljudmila in front of a flower shop in Sofia.

Elia and Ljudmila visited the cave "Saeva dupka" near the village of Brestnitsa.

Ljudmila is out of the cave.

A hike through Vitosha to get to the Boyana Waterfall.

After a 2-hour hike, this is the Boyana Waterfall!

Lake Pancharevo.

Small waterfalls in the village Pancharevo.

Elia and Ljudmila's trip to Koprivshtitsa, a historic town, famous for its blue houses, intricate woodwork, birthplace of writers and revolutionaries.

Aerial view of Sofia.

Dragalevski Monastery near Sofia.

View of Sofia from Dragalevtsi.

Ljudmila enjoying mekici and buhti on her last day of this Bulgarian visit.

Ljudmila's layover in Doha Airport.

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