Here are some photos from a trip to the Bahamas in 2011.

Jason posing on the beach

Ljudmila checking out the jet ski

Red hibiscus shrub

Pink hibiscus shrub

Stingray image on the sidewalk

Ljudmila hiding behind the mangrove roots

Conchs embedded into the sidewalk

Orange hibiscus shrub

Bright blue bird

I'm glad this one is inside the cage!

Meerkat on guard

Ljudmila mingling with the flamingos

How many flamingos can you count ?

Jason feeding an Australian parrot

This iguana is trying to escape

A pretty peacock showing its train

Capybaras are the largest living rodents in the world

Purple orchids

It's grooming time!

Palm tree fruits

Live turtle totem

Surrounded by birds on our way out of the Ardastra Gardens

Ljudmila in front of the Balcony House, the oldest wooden building in Nassau

Ljudmila descending the Queen's Staircase

It's Jason's turn to go down the steps

Mural in Nassau

The Bacardi store had a variety of rum

Gentle purple flower

Interesting geometric shape

Wild glass sculpture

Is this building made of shells ?

Jason in front of the waterfall

Lovely Ljudmila in front of the Atlantis

Jason pretending to be part of a melting ice cream

I haven't seen such a road sign in the US

The Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island

Jason resting in the shade

Ljudmila enjoying the sun in Paradise Island

Jason and Ljudmila in front of the Cloisters

The inlet between Paradise Island and Nassau

Pretty pink bushes

The entrance to the Ocean club where part of "Casino Royale" was filmed

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