Here are some photos from a trip to Bulgaria.
Jason and Ljudmila ride the petrified caravan.

The bronze flock takes flight in front of Vitosha.

Elia and Ljudmila kick off the trip to Tryavna.

Posing in Tryvna shkolo -- Tryavna's art school (now a museum).

"Jason the Juggler" prepares to juggle 2 doors while balancing a 3rd on his head!

Cane-craft in Daskalov House -- the master woodcarvers home.

Religious ornaments in the master woodcarvers home.

Iconography in the master woodcarvers home.

Wooden warriors' wall.

Woodcarving of a scholar.

Emblems of empire.

One of the 2 sun ceilings -- the result of a bet between the master woodcarver and his apprentice!

The second sun.

A typical living room from the National Revival period.

Hearth in the master woodcarvers home.

The "kivgeriniyat" bridge in front of the clock tower.

The St. Archangel Michael church, dating back to the middle ages.

Tryavna sloping down to the valley.

Ivy in the Raikov museum house.

The clock tower in Capitan Diado Nikola square.

The well of ivy.

A traditional shopkeeper's storefront.

Dryanovo Monastery in the Dryanovo gorge.

Jason feeling claustrophobic in Bacho Kiro, the ancient cave near Dryavno.

A vent connecting two chambers of the cave.

GASP -- "Fresh air!" -- GASP

Sofia at sunset.

Sofia setting sun.

Alexander Nevsky cathedral lit at night.

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