Here are some photos from the trip we took to Bulgaria!
Family Kamenovi (except Kamen who is taking the photo)

Night of the Giant Zucchinis!!

Starting the "long march" to the Rila lakes (not to Galois theory :)

The trail marker's painted on the tree

The happy couple at the second Rila lake

Sisters Kamenovi at the second Rila lake

The fog descends (and kept haunting us throughout the weekend)

Caught between the sky and the water

Looking down on Twins Lake (photographed by a twin :)

J+L at the 4th Rila Lake

The little waterfall is actually huge, but this is as close as we got

Spider, spider, spinning fast, in the forests and the grass (all apologies Blake)

Jason disappears into the mist

There's another spiderweb hidden among the cotton flowers

Ljudmila makes a new friend in a mountain pasture

Secret social lives of horses: mutual grooming

Finally we start our descent

Weary from long hiking

Mehana where they catch the trout out of the river and serve it for lunch!

Rila monastery

Clocktower in the monastery

Rila mountains behind Rila monastery

Where's Elia? (played similarly to "Where's Waldo")

Ljudmila in front of monastery cupolas

The ceilings of the monastery are filled with beautiful old paintings

The painted arcade

Three storks in one nest -- someone had triplets!

This village house has alot of . . . "character" :)

The menus in this mehana are engraved on wood

Sisters Kamenovi in a village on the Greek border

Cute wooden spice dishes in the mehana

Playgrounds in mountain villages are hand-carved :)

Every house hangs a lantern like this one

From ivy-covered halls to ivy-covered everything!

Scarabs on a tea flower

Experimenting with B+W mode

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