Here are some photos from a trip to China in 2009.

Inside Temple Lingyin.

A famous saying (but I'm not certain what it says).

Carvings in the Feilai Feng grottoes.

More carvings of saints.

The pagoda housing the ashes of Huili, the Indian founder of Temple Lingyin.

The bodhisattva Guanyin.

The pilgrims from Journey to the West (which I watched on TV each day).

Climbing down from one of the carvings.

The laughing buddha, Budai.

The Hall of the Heavenly Kings.

A censer in front of the temple.

Another pagoda.

The bodhisattva Guanyin surrounded by 150 Buddhist saints.

Burning incense in the temple.

The Hall of the Medicine Buddha.

The back of the Hall of the Heavenly Kings.

The beautiful West Lake.

A dragon boat on the West Lake.

Chivalrous statues.

A water garden.

A carving of a phoenix and a lotus in front of Leifeng Pagoda.

The reconstructed Leifeng Pagoda (where Lady White Snake was imprisoned).

Stone mini-pagodas.

The pagoda is huge.

A view from the top of the pagoda.

I can see the entire West Lake.

More of the West Lake.

The ceiling of the pagoda.

There is the dragon boat from earlier.

The Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou.

My batteries dies, so my next photos are leaving the beautiful garden :(

A guardian at the entrance to Hanshan Temple.

Inside Hanshan Temple.

Flying roofs.

Gold statues in the temple.

Tiny buddhist saints.

The temple pagoda.

A view of another pagoda.

It is good luck to land a coin one of the temple roofs.

A lion in the temple library.

Another view of the pagoda.

Back in the courtyard.

One of the famous temple bells.

A giant carved rock.

Traditional boats on the Yellow River.

Etched glass at Tiger Hill.

She looks tired.

Inside a house leading to Tiger Hill.

Beautiful latticework.

Climbing up Tiger Hill.

The Sword Pond.

Ancient Chinese writing (sideways).

Beautiful hanging plants.

The leaning Yunyan Pagoda at the top of Tiger Hill.

Goodbye, Suzhou.

Haibao, symbol of the Shanghai Expo (at Pudong Airport).

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