Here are some photos from a trip to China we took in June 2011.

Jason poses on a bridge over Weiming Lake.

A pagoda at Weiming Lake.

Colorful roof posts in Peking University.

Another colorful roof.

Ljudmila poses on a different bridge near Weiming Lake.

A lion in Yannan Garden.

A column in Yannan Garden.

This roof has an ornate design.

The gymnasium of Peking University.

Fragrant white flowers.

A view across Weiming Lake.

The stone boat on Weiming Lake.

Ljudmila poses in front of Langrun Garden.

A man practices Tai Chi in Langrun Garden.

A colorful pagoda.

Jason in front of a stone lantern.

A stone book in Yannan Garden.

Hello down there!

Ljudmila in front of a lion in front of the library.

Ljudmila and Prof. Tian at the Great Wall near Jinshanling.

A map of the Great Wall.

Here we go!

The view up here is lovely.

Don't fall over!

Jason wears a funny hat to keep from getting sunburned.

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles ...

One of the towers of the Great Wall.

That's our party.

Ljudmila poses in front of a tower.

Jason and Ljudmila in front of a traditional farmhouse.

That bull looks strong.

The lampposts are flower buds.

Jason in Zhongshan park.

Ljudmila in front of the "Defend Peace Archway".

Orange carnations near the Forbidden City.

Another colorful roof.

These roofs are just beautiful.

Ljudmila poses inside a rotunda.

Chinese soldiers make a formation.

Jason in front of the Forbidden City.

For good luck, rub this door.

Ljudmila inside the Forbidden City.

A giant lion guards the Forbidden City.

There are miles of beautiful roofs in the Forbidden City.

The courtyard of the Forbidden City is almost empty so early in the morning.

Ljudmila poses in one of the courtyards.

Jason likes the metal pots.

Is it a dragon? Is it a turtle?

One of many imperial thrones.

An intricate relief on a palace door.

The gargoyles are in formation on a palace roof.

Another imperial throne.

A view of the Forbidden City from on high.

This dragon is playing with a ball.

And this dragon is playing with her baby.

Lattice window shades in the Forbidden City.

This dragon has the same hairdo as Don King.

Dui Xiu Shan (Hill of Accumulated Elegance).

Wan Chun Ting (Pavilion of Ten Thousand Spring Seasons).

An enormous roof in the Forbidden City.

View towards Tian'anmen Square.

Jason and Ljudmila pose in front of a bridge over Kunming Lake (the Summer Palace).

Donglin Li, Jie Qing, Rick Schoen, Gang Tian and Jason in front of Kunming Lake.

One of the many bridges of Kunming Lake

Ljudmila and Gang Tian in the Summer Palace.

That is a Stacks Project T-Shirt!

Another lovely bridge over Kunming Lake.

Colorful boats of Kunming Lake in front of the Summer Palace.

The marble boat of the Summer Palace.

Jason poses in front of Longevity Hill.

The sun is setting over Kunming Lake.

Bai Family Mansion Restaurant, where they gave us the royal treatment.

Ljumdila poses next to two peacocks.

The staff wear traditional dress.

The whole party pose for one last photo.

Red lanterns outside the restaurant.

Ljudmila poses on Qianmen Dajie street in downtown Beijing.

That is one big pearl. (It's not real!)

The "Bird's Nest" at Olympic Park.

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