Here are some photos from a couple of trips to Fire Island.

On the ferry to Fire Island.

Jason standing on a pier.

Lovely Ljudmila on a boardwalk. This boardwalk crosses the island in a 3 minute walk.

Evergreens of Fire Island.

The south side of Fire Island.

Jason in his shades in front of a dune.

The middle of Fire Island.

His and Hers.

The Sunken Forest entrance.

A beautiful gnarled tree.

Another twisty tree.

Ljudmila in a rest area.

The forest ceiling (already changing colors).

Some pretty blossoms.

The dunes are very fragile, so admittance is restricted.

There are deer all over Fire Island. Here one checks out Ljudmila (even though she has no food in her hand).

Beautiful white berries.

Well-camouflaged deer running through the bushes.

Jason in front of the Fire Island lighthouse.

Lovely Ljudmila of the Lighthouse.

Jason getting closer to the lighthouse.

Postcard perfect.

Intrepid Ljudmila climbed to the top of the lighthouse for this photo.

On a clear day Manhattan is visible in this direction.

The foundation of the original lighthouse, seen from the new lighthouse.

Brave Ljudmila with her lighthouse sticker!

Another lighthouse in the Fire Island rotary.

Goodbye, Fire Island.

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