Here are some photos from First Night Boston 2004!

Penguins on parade.

A face only a mother could love.

Look at those teeth!

A titanic turtle.

A blurry blowfish.

Top o' the turtle from the tip o' the tank.

Glowing jellyfish (we didn't get a photo of the peanut-butterfish).

A skulking skate.

A baby turtle.

Sea dragons (not the fire-breathing variety).

A rampant ray!

Several fluorescent fish.

Beautiful and bizarre (and magnified a zillion times).

This fish resembles a trout.

Underwater menagerie.

Atlas and a cherub.

Ice fishing for an ice fish :)

Melting mare.

Washington Bridge with the ruins of Edo Castle in the background (these sculptures were sponsored by Hironaka!).

My wonderful wife and Cinderella's coach!

These ice-sculptors had the good sense to cover their statues until showtime (they were the only ones that didn't melt in the noon sun).

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, wie treu sind deine Blaetter!

The grand unveiling: Lions and giraffes and bears, oh my!

. . . and another giraffe, and gazelle and a jungle backdrop.

Close-up of the gazelle (and is that a deer in the foreground?).

Equatorial ice animals.

Atlas shivered (he also melted).

The cherub melted.

Even the night melted!

The bridge broke (and melted).

The ice fish is in good shape.

But what happened to the eagle?

Colorful column.

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