Here are some photos from our trip to France in June of 2010.

The courtyard of École Normale Supérieure

One of many lovely sculptures in Luxembourg Garden

The clock of Luxembourg Palace

Just before I pushed her in (just kidding)

A sculpture in the middle of the fountain

St. Severin

Sisters Kamenovi enjoying a French dinner

Jason and Ljudmila in front of Notre Dame

The gates of the cour d'honneur of Palais de Justice

St. Jacques

The clock of St. Paul

Arcades at Place des Vosges

Jason just bought train tickets at Gare de Lyon

Ljudmila and Elia taming a mammoth

The last stegosaurus

Jason keeping Ljudmila warm at the Jardin des Plantes

Lovely Ljudmila in front of the Louvre

Ljudmila in Jardin des Tuileries

Posing in front of a Monet painting in Musée de l'Orangerie

I didn't know Ernö Rubik was an architect

The architect didn't know what to do with the left-over glass

Arc de Triomphe

Jason, Ljudmila and Elia enjoying their hot drinks in a cafe on Champs-Élysées

A local artist painting Église du Val-de-Grâce

Dedicated Ljudmila playing Bridge on candles since we lost electricity

Grande Mosquée de Paris

Oriental lantern

Ljudmila, Lauren and Denis at the Restaurant de la Mosquée

Jason and Ljudmila tempted by the oriental pastry tray

Doesn't this remind you of Calder's sculpture in front of MIT ?

Ljudmila in front of the Fontaine Lavalette

Hôtel Lesdiguieres, Grenoble's former city hall

Collégiale St. André

A colorful pedestrian square in Grenoble

A collection of coats of arms on the wall of the Palace of the Parliament of Dauphine

Place aux Herbes market

Jason in front of the Fountain of the Three Orders

Grenoble's Notre Dame Cathedral

Ljudmila on the pedestrian Bridge on the Isere river

Brave Ljudmila helping the lion defeat the snake

Jason on top of the world

Jason proves he is not afraid of heights

The cable cars come to take us downtown

A wall mural in Paris

Ljudmila in front of Saint-Michel Fountain

Close up of Notre Dame Cathedral

Love locks on Pont de l'Archevêché

A pretty mural about a boulangerie

Jason in front of the Pantheon

Ornate sculptures in the Pantheon

Fluted columns in the Pantheon

Space invaders are attacking Paris streets!

A flowery courtyard

The house just outside our apartment window

One of many bike parking lots we saw!

Stained glass window in Notre Dame

A lighted chandelier in front of another stained glass window

Somebody managed to build an enormous glass box all around Notre Dame Cathedral!

When the chandelier fell in the first act of "The Phantom of the Opera", this is where they brought it

There was a line of tourists waiting to take pictures here

All day long, this devil gazes at the Eiffel Tower

Ljudmila pets the gargoyles

You can only see this roof garden from the top of Notre Dame Cathedral

The east view of Paris

We had to climb about 400 steps up to the top. Then we had to climb back down (apparently there are no waterslides at the top of the cathedral)

Considering our journey of the thousand steps

I had to take this photo THREE TIMES to get it right

Martine Kellet hosted a marvelous dinner in Paris (photo courtesy of Ann Borgschulte)

Ann snaps the dinner party: Martine, Jason, Suzy, Tim and Ljudmila

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