Here are some photos from the trip Ljudmila took to Gatlinburg for a Bridge tournament.

A church with a pretty red door.

This looks like a view from Europe.

A big pot of white violets and purple tulips.

Another view of the church.

Old buildings in the green.

A neat house among the trees.

A triangular house.

This is the best place for breakfast in Gatlinburg. Someone was in such a hurry that they landed on the roof !

One of the many restaurants around.

Stephen walking deep into the woods.

Ljudmila at the entrance of the Smoky Mountains Park.

A stream going through the park.

Ljudmila taking a stroll along the path.

As Stephen noticed, the moss is always growing on the north side of the trees.

Rapids in the river.

Near the end of the road.

Ljudmila resting and not concerned about the bear.

Who wants to take the scary ride up the Space Needle ?

Violets in the colors of the rainbow.

Larry Lande preparing his famous BBQ. Who ate all the cheeseburgers ?

Stephen walking around the "Village".

Ljudmila in front of an art gallery.

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