Here are some photos from our trip to Greece in July of 2017.

The view from our balcony in Mati.

Ljudmila at Cape Sounion.

Ljudmila in front of the Poseidon temple.

The Poseidon temple at sunset.

The moon is visible above the temple.

Lake Marathon.

Jason and Ljudmila posing with the local flora.

Jason testing the waters.

The trophy of the Marathon victory.

Sanctuary of the Egyptian gods in Marathon.

Attica beach.


Ljudmila just arrived in Santorini.

Beautiful white and blue tops of buildings in Santorini.

Jason in Thera with the small island Nea Kameni (of volcanic origin) behind him.

Fira, the modern capital of Santorini.

Skaros Rock.

An interesting car.

The central lagoon of Santorini.

This secluded building reminds me of a James Bond film.

Black volcanic rocks.

A small church along the hiking trail from Fira to Oia.

Jason stacked small rocks on top of each other.

It was so windy that Jason is holding on to a boulder.

We arrived in Oia!

Beautiful view of the lagoon.

The sidewalks in Oia were covered in marble!

Panoramic view of Oia.

Ljudmila in front of Ekklisia Panagia Platsani.

Traditional island fast food: fried zucchini and tomato fritters (domatokeftedes).

Jason on the cable car to the Old Port.

L Kamenova in front of the island Nea Kameni.

The Gulf of Corinth.

Ljudmila posing inside a cable car near Delphi.

Ljudmila and the Naxian Sphinx.

Jason in the Roman Agora.

Ljudmila in front of the theater.

The theater of Delphi viewed from above.

Ljudmila at the stadium.

Ljudmila in front of the Athenian Treasury.

The navel (the center of the world).

Sunset in Delphi.

Jason having dinner with a good view.

The Tholos of Delphi seen from above.

Ljudmila in front of the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.

At Jason's birthday dinner!

Snezhka, Jason, Ljudmila and Elia celebrating Jason's birthday.

Jason and Ljudmila in front of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

The stone theater from above.

Jason and Ljudmila in front of the Parthenon.

Ljudmila in front of the Erechteion temple.

The six Caryatids of the Erechtheion.

The Arch of Hadrian.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus.

The Zappeion, now used as a conference center.

Olives grow everywhere in Greece.

Ljudmila in front of the Panathenaic Stadium.

Changing of the guards in front of the Presidential Mansion.

Jason in front of the Greek Parliament.

Ljudmila in front of the House of the Winds.

Jason posing in front of the Acropolis of Athens.

The Library of Hadrian.

Jason in front of the Church of Panaghia Kapnikarea.

The National Library of Greece.

The Academy of Athens.

The Arch of Hadrian at night.

Vouliagmeni Lake.

Jason and Ljudmila on Mount Lycabettus.

Ljudmila and Elia with the Acropolis of Athens behind them.

Athens seen from Mount Lycabettus.

Beautiful sunset.

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