Here are some photos from our trip to Hefei, China in June of 2017.

A boardwalk around the lake.

A pretty arrangement of stones.

Out hotel had a great breakfast.

A choolate sculpture in the dining area.

SanHe Ancient Town.

Jason and Ljudmila enjoying a cup of tea.

Jason and Ljudmila posing in SanHe.

There is a bridge behind the bridge.

Wangyue Tower (Moon Tower).

One-man Lane.

Prof. C.-N. Yang's former residence.

Water taxis.

Ljudmila in front of the Anhui Museum.

Song and Jason playing Go (Weiqi).

Jason and Ljudmila in front of the Hongcun village.

A bridge leading to Hongcun.

Traditional Chinese woodwork representing cracked ice.

Jason and Ljudmila posing in Hongcun.

Beautiful woodwork!

One of the lakes supplying water to Hongcun.

Ljudmila in Huangshan near the Yellow Mountain.

An art gallery-store.

It was a rainy day in the Yellow Mountain.

The trees behind us were embracing.

Our hiking group: Song, Jiajia, Ljudmila and Jason.

Ljudmila posing with the Monkey Rock.

Spectacular views from the Yellow Mountain.

This path is not for people afraid of heights.

A bridge high above ground.

Ljudmila and Jason taking the lift back to safety.

Lots of lotuses.

Jason reading in Maan Coffee. There was even a library!

A pretty cup of coffee.

When you can't decide which dessert to choose, have them all.

Ljudmila in the Guangzhou airport.

Ljudmila posing in front of the Aeroflot display in Guangzhou.

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