Here are some photos from a trip to Ilhabela, Brazil, that Ljudmila took in January 2015.

Casa do Rei, where Ljudmila stayed during the conference.

Inside Casa do Rei.

A giant tree in front of the house.

The beach was just in front of the hotel.

A more private beach.

This giant moth attended many of the lectures.

Most of the insects on Ilhabela were bigger than usual.

Brazilian cicada.

A surprised blue crab.

Mangos were growing everywhere.

Jaca tree.

Refreshing Wax Jambu fruit.

A favorite observation point towards the harbor.

Ljudmila and Misha L.

On a boat trip.

Sergey G. and Misha V.

A sailboat.

More sailboats.

Two ferries passing each other.

A private island.

The highest peak on Ilhabela.

Ljudmila and Misha V.

Various flora found on Ilhabela.

Last view of the island before going back to civilization.

At the Sao Paulo airport lounge.

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