Here are some photos from a trip to Kyoto, Japan in June 2011.

C.-Y. Chi, J.C. Chen, Jason and Ljudmila in a fish market.

J. C. and Jason crossing Kamo River.

Sliding doors of Ginkakuji Temple.

Ginkakuji Temple and its Zen garden.

Bird's-eye view of Ginkakuji and part of Kyoto.

Posing in front of the temple building.

Friendly cats along the Philosopher's Walk near Nyakuoji.

Karamon Gate.

Inside Eikando Zenrin-Ji Temple.

The colorful roof posts in the temple.

Having a rest.

A fearsome lion.

There is only one person sitting at this temple.

What does this say?

Colorful shrine.

Go'o Shrine.

Even in Kyoto there is graffiti.

In front of a traditional kompeito shop.

Jason and Ljudmila in front of Rokuon-Ji Temple.

Close-up of the Golden Pavilion.

Jason and Jiun-Cheng pose in front of the temple.

Ljudmila poses with a tanooki. Where are Mario and Luigi?

Insho-Domoto Museum of Fine Art.

This was the only way to get the whole rock garden of Ryoanji in one shot.

I'm likin' this lichen.

Tsukubai, a wash-basin of stone.

The samurai of Nijo Castle.

Ljudmila at the entrance of Nijo Castle.

The roof of the Ninomaru Palace.

The back of the Palace.

Ninomaru Garden.

Another view of the garden.

There are many lovely trees at the castle.

This is a view of all the buildings of Nijo Castle.

To-do list of the Emperor.

A decorated gate in the Imperial Palace.

The Crane Room in Shodaibunoma.

Shishinden seen through the Jomeimon Gate.

Oikeniwa Garden.

Keyakibashi Bridge.

A painting in the Imperial Palace.

There are many ferryboats to take tourists across the river.

Mommy monkey and baby monkey.

Ljudmila in Arashiyama Monkey Park.

Monkeys grooming each other.

Jason in front of Tenryu-ji Temple.

These poor gargoyles fell from the roof, and now they are stuck in the garden.

The Main Hall and Sogen Garden.

Are they mushrooms or tanooki caps?

Lovely white flowers.

Purple irises.

Beautiful blue hydrangeas.

Another flower I don't know.

This being protects airline travelers.

The entrance of Kiyomizu Temple.

Kiyomizu Temple.

Send not for whom the bell tolls ...

A wall of wooden prayers.

Lovely lamps.

Market stalls in the temple.

According to tradition, you should wash your hands in temple water.

Jason and Ljudmila on the Kiyomizu Stage built over a cliff.

The struts holding up the temple.

"Geishas" pose for photos with tourists near the temple.

Dave Morrison, János Kollár, Mrs. and Prof. Mori at Prof. Mori's birthday reception.

Valery Alexeev and Chenyang Xu.

Prof. Kollár gives a speech at the reception.

Jason wears a funny hat in Osaka Kansei Airport.

A diorama of traditional dress and drums.

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