Here are some pictures of my family, older and recent.
A fun birthday party.

My sister Amy, acting up for the camera.

My brother Shannon and I on our birthday -- guess who is who

My cousin Justin, me, my brother and my sister at Christmas

Me and my brother, buddies for life

The matriarch -- my grandmother, my sister, and my brother

That's right, I spent my formative years trapped in a cage with my brother and sister

Me in my gawky, preteen years

My family at Christmas -- that's me struggling with the Rubik's cube

Armed and dangerous!

My kindergarten punished us for graduating by taking pictures of us in silly hats

My brother looking diabolically sweet

Before and after photos -- the Jenny Craig diet!

My mother Susan in first grade

Me, my cousin Brian, my brother, my sister Amy, and my aunt Anne holding my cousin Alicia

Me and my brother, bored as usual (my uncle John is in the background)

Three shy kids

Amy Starr, master mixologist! (ask for her at Hamburger Mary's when you are in Sacramento, or wherever fine liquors are sold).

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