Here are some photos we took on July 4th from the top of Eastgate!
The whole city holds its breath in anticipation.

The rocket's red glare.

The bombs bursting in air.

The light brigade.

Cubes of fire.

Like a swarm of pink fireflies.

I think they added kryptonite to the fireworks!

Like cotton candy lit on fire.

Going into hyperspace.

Candles raining down to earth.

Spiral up, shower down.

Like smiles in the sky.

A flourish of fire.

Fireballs! Ljudmila's favorite.

Crimson bursts of beauty.

Perfect orchestration.

There is the REAL smile in the sky :)

Fire fountains.

Filling the sky, dazzling my eye.


Blue moon, I saw you standing alone . . .

When the red, red robin comes bob-bob-bobbing along . . .

Better than Star Wars.

Echoes and foreshadows.

White, orange, red. Roses in the night.

Blur of brilliance.

A bouquet of fireflowers.

Edelweiss, and . . .


Crowns aloft.

Wreathed in white.

Fiery, the angels fell.

A little heart ;)

Eagle's claws.

And the three eagles appear.

Boston's sun in the night.

Like a fistful of popsicles.

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