Here are some photos from a trip to Kingston in 2009.

Nadia and Ljudmila in front of the Kingston Brewing Co. hotrod.

An old Canadian Pacific locomotive.

And another hotrod.

A sidewalk scene.

The court house in Kingston.

Nadia and Adriana with Marcus.

Mike gets his picture taken.

Jason and Greg playing with forks.

Ivan, master barista.

Kite sailing on Lake Ontario.

Ljudmila in front of Kingston church.

A clocktower in Kingston.

Steaming onto Lake Ontario.

A view of Fort Henry.

The windmill farm on Wolfe Island.

Ljudmila in the garden.

Shannon and Carm in the garden.

Jason and Ljudmila in front of a sculpture.

Jason takes it easy.

Lovely summer flowers.

A burst of yellow and orange.

A cascade of color.

Purple and white star-shaped flowers.

These flowers reach out to greet you.

Ljudmila in front of the water lilies.

Plenty of purple.

Jason and some sunflowers.

And more purple flowers.

Violet is a shade of purple.

Lovely lilies.

And let's finish with some purple for a change.

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