Here are some photos from Ljudmila's trip to Seoul in 2015.

The KIAS building, where the conference was held.

A math sculpture in front of KIAS.

Math calendar for March.

Inside of a restaurant specializing in this root vegetable.

Donhwamun Gate, the main entrance to the Changdeokgung Palace.

The more of these figurines a building has, the more important it is.

Ljudmila inside the palace.

The Royal throne.

A beautiful view of the Injeongjeon Hall.

For these traditional buildings, the rare and colorful paint is as expensive as its construction.

Seonjeongjeon Hall, an office for ruling officials.

A rare blue roof.

Beautiful colors.

Details of roof tiles: spider and phoenix.

Traditional heating system.

The chimney is always outside the house.

Another chimney.

Chinese symbols on this building.

Nakseonjae Hall.

Buyongjeong Pavilion inside of the secret garden.

The central gate is for the king and the side ones are for everyone else who is admitted to the secret garden.

Longevity gate.

Pavilion in the secret garden.

Masterful artwork.

Another beautiful pavilion.

The only surviving straw pavilion.

Can you guess what is this? A humble chimney.

Glass building.

In the Hanok Village.

Traditional rice sweets.

Traditional houses in the Hanok Village.

Interesting-looking modern building.

Changing of the guard in front of the Gwanghwamun gate.

Ljudmila in front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Geunjeongjeon Hall seen through the gate.

Inside of Gyeongbokgung.

Ljudmila getting friendly with the guards.

Statue of the Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

Seoul City Hall.

Deoksugung Palace's entrance.

Namdaemun Gate.

The famous Namdaemun market.

Mural near a police station.

On top of Namsan Park.

Namsan/Seoul Tower.

The view from the top of the tower.

Even in the bathrooms there is a nice view.

Ljudmila with Haechi, a symbol of Seoul.

Myeongdong Theater.

Interesting modern buildings.

Cheonggye Plaza.

A giant spiral sculpture.

Street art.

Interesting facade on this building.

Yummy cafeteria lunch at KIAS.

Look at the shape of these ice cream cones!

Art supply shop in Insa-dong.

City view during the conference hike.

Another view during the hike.

Group photo of (most of) the hyperkaehler conference.

Ljudmila and Misha.

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