Here are some special photographs.
Matrioshka and pysanky

Beautiful, blue angel

Lovely Ljudmila and the white flower bush

Purple flowers, white rose

Smiley-face, big hair, and a sunny day

Beautiful Sunset I: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Sunset

Beautiful Sunset II: Life, the Sunset and Everything

Beautiful Sunset III: The Sunset at the End of the Universe

Beautiful Sunset IV: So Long and Thanks for All the Sunsets

Beautiful Sunset V: Mostly Harmless (Sunset)

Beautiful Sunset VI: The Sunset of Doubt

The tintinabulation of the shells, the shells, the shells

Ask not for whom the shell tolls

Shellraiser X: Attack of the Cenobites

Kermit and Big Bird Jr.

What dolls do when humans sleep!

. . . this little piggie drove on Mass Ave, this little piggie stayed home . . .

The three amigas: Elke, Ljudmila, and Amy

Trying out our new "Foof Chair"

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