Here are some photos from the trip Ljudmila and I took to Niagara Falls.
. . . and a flower in every pot!

Rainbow over American Falls

The rainbow of the mists

Somewhere, over the rainbow . . .

Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me!

The treasure at the end of the rainbow

A closer look at the pot'o'gold

The roaring rapids

Skylon tower over the American Falls

The raging rapids

Bridal Veil Falls

The Rainbow Bridge beyond the mist

Ljudmila with a Canadian hydroelectric plant in the background

Jason at the edge of the world

The cataract!

Foam flies forever!

Ljudmila in front of the observation tower

Same pose, different angle

Black bird with red breast

The rainbow connection

My new wallpaper!

Ljudmila's new wallpaper!

Wings of peace

Rainbow over Horseshoe Falls

Ljudmila in front of Horseshoe Falls

Wintergarden in Niagara Falls

Photo for Snezhana

The real cones are almost as big as the building!

Struggling for life

Preparing to bungee

Photo for Susan

Horseshoe Falls


Second panorama

The smile that launched a thousand barrels

You are getting sleepy . . .

You will close your eyes . . .

Svengali and his camera case

Sunset over Horseshoe Falls

On the "Maid of the Mists"

Getting closer to the falls

Into the falls!

Horseshoe Falls from the bottom!

Returning to land

Ljudmila and the other passengers, soaked to the bone

Same as me, same as me

Goodbye, "Maid of the Mists"

One last look at the American Falls

FOOLED YOU, the photos never end!

Ljudmila at the foot of American Falls

Jason at the foot of American Falls

Jason with a strange needle growing out of his head

Ljudmila, outshining the Skylon tower :* :* :*

Jason and Ljudmila, together forever!

A thousand birds

Less than a stone's throw from the falls

Waterfall within your grasp

Jason, recuperating from "Hurricane Deck"

Jason, the human sponge

Photogenic black squirrel

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