Here are some photos from a trip we took to New York City!
The Library of Columbia University (presided over by "Alma Mater")

Ljudmila in front of Union Theological Seminary (where we stayed), and Riverside Church

Jason sets his watch against the Columbia sundial (precisely noon, as you can see)

Penseur and St. Paul's Chapel at Columbia

Jason poses in back of St. Paul's

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Jason and the Peace Fountain

Ancient Greek lion at the Met (he weighs 10 times a usual lion, his teeth are strongest marble, and he hasn't had a bite to eat since Antiquity -- you'd better keep your distance!)

Beautiful silver and china tea service

Beautiful porcelain tea and coffee service

This enormous tea and coffee service makes the boy behind the display so hungry, he begins to devour his umbrella!

Buddha, the biggest deity living at the Met (but he has trouble scratching his back without hands)

I believe this is a Bodhisattva

Shiva and two of his wives

Seated Buddha

Jason at sunset in Liberty Park

Lady Liberty (her arm must be so tired by now)

Lady Ljudmila with Lady Liberty

Two seabirds relax on Liberty Island

Jason smiles over Manhattan

Ljudmila's smile is more beautiful than Jason's

Jason and Ellis Island (I wonder when my forebears passed through here?)

Old Glory in the foreground, the Empire State Building in the background

What in the world is a wild turkey doing in Liberty Park?

The Empire State

Lovely Ljudmila and the Chrysler building

High temple of art deco (and I do mean "high")

Another view of the Chrysler building

A view of the Chrysler building from the street below

The entrance to Grand Central Terminal

Pegasus on the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal

New York Public Library (currently featuring an exhibit on Russia)

A last view of the Empire State Building before heading back to Beantown

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